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Badgerland Plastering is a dedicated team of craftsman that has provided quality plaster and stucco work since 2001. Whether it’s new construction, residential, commercial or patch & repair, we have built our reputation on exceeding the needs of the customer and treating each project as if it was our own property.

As a service contractor we are committed to being on time, professional, cleaning up the job site and paying attention to the details, no matter how large or small the project is. We will consult with you on your unique project needs, give expert industry advise and provide a Free quote.

Contact us today to have a no obligation conversation. We are proud to serve the Madison area and all of South Central Wisconsin, however we will consider the needs or all our customers and are not limited based on location.  We are bonded, fully insured, and guarantee 100% satisfaction.



We specialize in large commercial projects such as hotels and major retail buildings, working closely with the Project Manager, Architect, Superintendent, Foreman/Supervisor on each job because we believe communication is critical for a successful partnership. We are attentive to your schedule and address add-ons in a timely manner. Our team follows strict safety and security protocols. We clean the job site every day and take pride in a job well done


We work on the interior or exterior for new home construction or remodeling projects. Taking the time to share our knowledge and make recommendations for the best application. We will clean up the job site each day and treat every home project as if it were our own.

Small Project Specialists

Our many years of experience and busy schedule allows us to fit in small projects at a very affordable cost. We make reasonable recommendations to get the job completed on time and on budget. Call us today for a no pressure or obligation quote.

Patch & Repair

Does the interior or exterior of your building need a face lift? Planning an addition, renovation or remodeling project? We can help. We’ll inspect the job and recommend the best solution for any small patch or repair. We take the time to accurately match existing colors and textures.

Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS)

EIFS is a composite exterior cladding made up of a seamless exterior insulating envelope, a reinforced weather-protected base and a low-maintenance, versatile finish coat. Attractive and durable, EIFS are multi-component exterior wall systems with reliable, aesthetically-pleasing finish coats to protect the entire system. Finish coats can be applied in a variety of shapes and textures and over 5,000 custom colors. EIFS is the cost-effective exterior of choice for high traffic areas, is fire retardant and offers improved resistance to abuse.


A cement plaster applied over interior and exterior wall and surfaces. This application has been around for centuries, and unlike other types of finishes, it can be used to obtain different textures and finishes and applies equally well over masonry and wood-sheathed homes. Stucco has advantages, acting as an insulation barrier, with a hard, reliable, durable and low cost surface that can be painted, will last 50+ years and requires little maintenance. Stucco might be applied over metal lath and galvanized wire mesh that need to be covered to protect against rust.

Thin coat plaster

Building a new home or moving? We do interior on new residential or existing older homes. We can match existing color or provide a selection to choose from.

Foundation Coating

Insulation of your home starts with the proper application. This process will insulate the outside structure from the ground up, reducing air infiltration and reduce energy consumption. Professional foundation coatings are secure, permanent and a value to your home.

EIFS Inspections

With 30 years of experience we can inspect your property and determine what repairs, application or adjustments are necessary. Many times we provide this service on behalf of insurance claims or requirements.


Written warranties are included at no extra cost. Your warranty may vary as it will reflect the type of application or systems applied. If there ever is a problem we will work with our suppliers and the product manufactures to fix the issue and provide you with peace of mind.


Some examples of our high quality work. We manage projects from Residential to Commercial. Doesn’t matter the size of your project “We’ve got you covered!”

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Give us a call at 920-484-6046 to discuss your project, or use our online Quote Form to tell us about your project and we’ll be in touch with your estimate.

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